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About me January 1, 2010

Hi dear all,

usually when I want to say something about me, I would start with something like “Hi, my name is…, I’m from…, I live in…, I work at…”… but this time I want to be a bit different, break my own rules. Lately one of my favorte mottos is from one of Rihanna’s song: “Life’s a game and is not fair, I break the rules so I don’t care…”, and I want to start this year by breaking the rules, my own rules, the ones I set for myself and don’t make me happy, the ones I’ve set up without even notice them. The ones that keep me happy I shall keep 🙂

My first rule I’m breaking is writing at this blog, I have been dying to create my own blog for 2 years now, but I always got busy with my own life or created excuses not to actually do it. I love writing, I find it relaxing, and it keeps me away from troubles, it keeps me grounded. So this is my first real official blog and I hope you enjoy it. I will appreciate all comments, advices and feedbacks as long as they are well intentioned and respectful to my readers and me.

My other rules I want to break, you’ll read all about it in my next posts, so stay tuned 🙂

I’d really like to know: What rules do you want to break this year?


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