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A diary, a Journey, a meditation, a conversation through my life in 2010

About the title January 1, 2010

I would like to explain where does my title come from and its meaning in my life. First of all, I am not from the village, or any village, I’m actually an expat living in Beijing, which is a quite developed city,  There’s a very important person in my life, I’ll be writing about him quite often, and he lives in what I like to call countryside, which is just an university area (full of foreigners) far away from the center of the city (the bar street is my center ) and I always call him countryside, but I used to study in a university very far away from the university area where he lives, so he always says I live in the countryside even though I graduated and moved to the center months ago, 10 mins away from Sanlitun, the bar street; 10 minutes from almost any important place in Beijing but just to make me react he says I still live in “the village” and he calls me “my village”, of course, I call him “my countryside”.

So, even though now we are pretty much bored of the whole “you live in the village”, “nah, you live in the countryside” topic, we still call each other that way, is out thing and I got to love it  There was a point where I was “his princess” and he was “my b**ch”, or I was “his wife” and he was “my husband”( as a joke)… but for now I’m his village.

We love texting each other, we send about 50 text message to each other every day, since we open our eyes till we go to sleep. Our texts are happy, sad, encouraging, angry, apologetic, you name it. We can’t see each other every day for several reasons but we make sure that we know at every minute what is the other one doing, we make sure to tell each other what are we thinking, what are we feeling, what are we going through. We text when we are at school or work, when we are on long train rides, when we are at meetings, when we are shopping, when we are clubbing, when we are playing sports… We are literally glued to our phones and texting is as important as eating for us, can delay it for a while but can’t live without it.

So by now you might think he is my boyfriend or something like that, but he is not, he is my friend (for now), we’ve known each other for a while and in the emotional side we’ve grown very attached to each other, but on the physical level we are still just friends, which is quite disturbing to me, and confusing for people around us.  So lately we’ve been arguing more than we should, I’ve been pressuring him to define our relation and I’ve been mean and rude to him, which he doesn’t deserve it. So as a way to keep myself busy, as a way to have a place to put and pour my thoughts and my feelings, I’ve decided to put my texts in this blog instead. I obviously wont be writing small “text-like” posts, but whenever I need to say or text something, I’ll rather write it over here. Without reveling too much of our intimacy of course.

And so I decided to name this blog that way, because I love when he calls me village, I love texting him and he’s a very important part of my life. I don’t know if in the next months or years,we’ll still be together (hopefully yes), but either way this blog will always be a reminder of my journey, of our journey through this new year, that already seems to be amazing and full of new options. And it will help me remind our relationship,

This work is dedicated to you my countyside,

from Your Village girl


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