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(I miss you) May 16, 2010

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I miss you, today,
and every day of my life.
I miss you on my cold mornings
and on my lonely nights.

I miss your eyes
when I need aproval.
I miss your hands
when I’m shaking.

I want to talk to you again,
I want to touch your face again,
I want to stare at you while you sleep.
I want you by my side when I’m with other people.

When you left you took my life with you.
When you left I lost my better half.
When you left me, you took my heart with you.
And now there’s something missing in my life.

I’m sad now because I don’t have you,
because I can never see you again,
because I can never be with you,
because you’ll never kiss me good night again,
because you are the only person I want next to me
but you are only on my mind!


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